What is Random Password Generator?

Random Password Generator is a security software program to create random passwords of any length containing a mix of upper- and lower-case characters and numbers. Random passwords do not contain any personal information, like your birthday or last name, that would allow a malicious person to guess them. This makes random passwords much more secure.

Strong password guidelines

  • Not be a dictionary word.
  • Not contain any personal information about you, for example, your pet's name or your favorite color.
  • Not resemble any of your previous passwords.
  • Not contain your login or username.
  • Be long. Longer passwords are more secure.
  • Contain a mixture of number and characters.
  • Contain a mixture of upper-case and lower-case characters.

Random Password Generator Licensing

A single license for Random Password Generator is priced at 19.95 USD. This license allows you to install the program on a single computer.

You can order a site license for 199 USD, which allows you to install the program on an unlimited number of computers within your organization.