Using the Safely Remove Hardware Option

If you locked a folder on your USB drive and then you try to use the Safely Remove Hardware option, you can get a message that the drive is in use and cannot be removed safely. Please follow these steps to safety remove your drive:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard.
  2. In Task Manager, on the Processes tab, select the ppfsys.exe process and click the End Process button.
  3. Use the Safely Remove Hardware option on the Windows Taskbar.
  4. Remove the drive.

If you do not end the ppfsys.exe process in the Task Manager, the running ppfsys.exe process still cannot cause any problems; however, you will get a message that the drive cannot be removed safely. You can remove the drive without ending the process, but make sure Password Protect Folders has finished its work and allow Windows to flush the cache. Do not yank the drive out if a program is writing data to the drive as this will result in incomplete data and possibly a corrupted file system on the drive.

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