How to Password Protect Folders in Outlook 2007

If you use Outlook Express, see How to Protect Outlook Express Folders.

Outlook folders are stored in a PST file. They are not real folders and cannot be protected with the software program Password Protect Folders.

To set a password on your Outlook folders, you do not need any software programs. Just follow these steps:

  1. If the Folder List is not displayed in your Outlook, click View > Navigation Pane > Normal.
  2. Right-click Personal Folder (the highest folder in your folder tree) and select Properties for Personal Folders from the right-click menu.
  3. On the General tab, click on the Advanced button.
  4. Click on the Change Password button.
  5. Type your password into the New Password and Verify Password boxes.
  6. Make sure the Save This Password in Your Password List check box is cleared and click OK.

That is it. You will be prompted for a password next time you start Outlook. However, please note that Outlook folders are not the only folders you should set a password on.

To safeguard your folders containing important private and work information from unwanted access, install Password Protect Folders on your computer. Password Protect Folders is fully integrated with Windows Explorer. That is you can use the right-click menu in Windows Explorer to protect and unprotect your folders.

Password Protect Folders

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