How can I retrieve my password?

The password is always required to unlock folders; there is no way to unprotect folders without the password.

When protecting folders, you can fill in the hint box to give yourself a reminder if you forget the password. Lost passwords are not retrievable, as the program does not send any information about your passwords to us, the developers.

If you forgot your password, try all the passwords you usually use. Check if CapsLock is off and enter the password you think you used. If your password contains numbers, please make sure NumLock is on when you are entering the password. If your password contains any special characters, this may cause a so-called "shift" problem. When you were protecting the folder, the Shift key might have been pressed on your keyboard. So you may think the password contains special characters but it actually contains numbers.

It is a good idea to create a backup copy of your folder and protect it with an easy-to-remember (but hard-to-guess) password so that you can always restore your data from backup in case you forget the password for the folder.

See also: Can the administrator unlock protected folders with a master password?

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Password Protect Folders

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