How can I protect Outlook Express folders?

Password Protect Folders is a program designed to lock directories on internal, external and network drives, but, unfortunately, it cannot lock folders in Outlook Express.

Outlook Express folders are not real folders. Outlook Express stores all the messages in DBX files. If you password protect the folder containing DBX files, Outlook Express will create new empty DBX files and place all the new messages you receive there. Therefore, you will have some of your messages in the protected DBX files and other messages in the new DBX files.

We recommend that you use Outlook Express options to protected folders in this mail program. Please follow these steps to set a password on your Outlook Express identity:

  1. If there is only one identity in your Outlook Express, run Outlook Express and create another identity (File > Identities > Add New Identity). Password protection does not work if there is only one identity in your Outlook Express.
  2. Select File > Identities > Manage Identities.
  3. Select your identity and click Properties.
  4. Check the "Require a password" checkbox.
  5. Enter your password and click OK.

Adding a password to your identity makes it more difficult for other users to access your files; however, the level of security the password provides is minimal. It is possible for other users to access your DBX files even if they do not know the password for your Outlook Express identity.

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