Can the administrator unlock protected folders with a master password?

The current version of Password Protect Folders does not have a master password to overwrite user passwords. There is no way to open the folder without the password used to lock it.

You can order a special build of Password Protect Folders that writes the password in an encrypted form to the folder and Master Password Utility that gets the password from the folder and decrypt it. You have to store the Master Password Utility in a safe place so that it does not get into the wrong hands.

Master Key Utility cannot extract the password from folders protected with the regular build of the program, as the regular build does not store the password but its checksum, which cannot be used to get the password. This is the difference between the special build and the regular build.

Special builds are especially popular with schools and colleges. Students use them to protect their work from others but if they forget their passwords they can always ask their teacher or system administrator to help them retrieve lost passwords.

If you are interested in a special build of Password Protect Folders, feel free to contact us at

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